Proactive 3D Technologies

Click on the 3D links in the above map for instant 3D access in each zone - Click on the AED button in Green zone, then on the purple target, for instant how to instructions.

Since 2013, there were over 300 school shootings in America; one every week. There are over 4,000 school building fires annually. National Disasters in 2017 effected 6,000 schools across the United States. Over 187,000 students have experienced a school shooting since the Columbine massacre. ProActive 3D Technologies provides a full solution which accurately documents K-12, Charter, Churches and University Schools in 2D/3D. Our advanced technology creates rich detailed visual plans and images.

These plans can assist with catastrophic events such as active shooters, tornadoes, fires, medical etc. They can be made available to administrators, teachers and maintenance personnel, who can access these plans from their mobile device. This allows for collaboration between school authorities and first responders for virtual security assessments, decreased response time, scheduling, and critical resources. 

Responding patrol officers experience sensory overload due to information flow which makes detailed maps critical. Having detailed to-scale plans accessiblein emergency vehicles & on your smart phone is valuable and can assist with building entry for responding patrol officers & building staff. 

A 2D-3D map allows the officer to view and determine where to access the building that he is responding to. This map will also lead the officer to zoned areas within the building where the catastrophic event is occurring. Additional information such as knowing detailed escape routes, width of a hallway, the elevation of a window, hide zones within classrooms or offices, escape routes, safe shelters can save critical time & lives.

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